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Isomass Ltd. supplies architectural, domestic and acoustic sound proofing systems in London.

Our domestic and acoustic solutions are designed to control instrusive noise whether it is airborne sound from speech, televisions or impact noise from footsteps, banging or slamming doors. Isomass have a wide range of products to deal with these problems including acoustic floors, ceilings and walls.

Isomass Ltd. have a variety of acoustic domestic and architectural sound proofing solutions in London which are available for all deck batten, cradle, screed, walls and ceiling applications. From sound insulation for floors through to acoustic sealant, we can help.

How Sound Travels

Sound problems in buildings come from two acoustic transmission sources: airborne sound and impact sound. Airborne sound emanates from sources such as TV, stereo equipment etc and travels through the air into the fabric of a building. Impact sound arises mechanically and travels through the fabric of the structure e.g. walking, moving furniture etc. Any acoustic isolation which may be in place, may be negated by 'flanking', which occurs where there is an alternative path that sound can use to bypass a insulating materials, this could be due to mechanical bridging or hidden cavities, such as poor mortar joints or inadequate dry lining.

We find that one of the most common causes of sound problems is through flanking paths, and we therefore seek to identify them and provide solutions to deal with them.

Acoustic Solutions In Accordance with The Building Regulations

Isocheck Remat 5 insulation In Accordance with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations we supply acoustic, architectural and domestic soundproofing systems. Acoustic, domestic and architectural solutions are available for all deck, batten, cradle, screed, walls and ceiling applications.

Approved Document E (ADE) of the Building Regulations 2003 (amended 2004 and 2010) for England & Wales is designed to cater for acoustic insulation. These regulations have changed the pass criteria for airborne sound by putting a greater emphasis on low frequency sound (100Hz - 400Hz) which can be the root cause of many complaints about noise.

ADE applies to both new build and conversion projects defined as rooms for residential purposes which includes nursing homes, hotels, hostels, and student accommodation, applying to the separating walls, floors and ceilings between adjoining dwellings. All Isomass acoustic sound proofing systems are designed to comply with these standards and it is important to understand that builders will need to demonstrate that they have been achieved in two ways. Either pre-completion testing (PCT) for conversion, change of use or new build (that are not using a Robust Detail), or using a Robust Detail (new build only), depending upon the project.