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There are some essential products common to most acoustic floor systems within this section, however there are also products that can be used simply to enhance a property’s acoustic features.

Isocheck Isolation Strip


For stud walls and steel & timber joists

Isocheck Isolation Strips are designed to enhance impact sound insulation when used within all types of construction by isolating timber, steel and masonry separating and partition walls.

Commonly used for refurbishment upgrades, its adhesive backing ensures it can be held in position as the works progress.

Isocheck Isolation Strip

Isocheck Expandastrip


Permanently elastic open cell polyurethane foam

Used for joints between precast units, sealing around doors and window frames, or between corrugated roofing panels, roof structures and roof lights ventilation and air conditioning ductwork.

Also used as a primary or secondary seal in vertical and horizontal joints of building facades as well as metal painted cladding systems, window perimeter curtain walling and skylights.

Isocheck Expandastrip

Isocheck Re-Mat Wall Isolation Strip


For masonry walls

Isocheck Re-Mat Isolating Strips are designed to be installed beneath blockwork walls to isolate the wall from the concrete floor and reduce structure borne noise.

The Isolating Strips are composed of a rubber crumb which provides exceptional stability and minimal creep.

Isocheck Isolation Washers


Isocheck Isolation Washers are designed to isolate and separate mechanical fixings from the surrounding structure and reduce the transfer of noise and vibration. They are a simple, cost effective solution to the problem of vibration and noise transfer through mechanical components.

Isocheck Isolation Washers are suitable for any application where mechanical fixings are required.

Isocheck Isolation Washers

Intumescent Acoustic FR Sealant


Isocheck acoustic fire rated sealant is used to reduce the unwanted airborne sound that is commonly found to pass around the junction between ceilings and walls.

Other common areas requiring attention are sealing around service penetrations in the Isomass floating floor system. Supplied in 310ml tubes.

Impacta Pads


Isocheck Impacta Pads are suitable for creating isolation of flanking noise elements, for example, where kitchen units are connected to walls. This common connection encourages impact/structure-borne sound transmission to travel from the units up/down the structural wall to the dwelling above/below.

Other suitable locations may be under bath feet, etc.

Impacta pads

Isocheck Adhesive


For use with both Isocheck and Monodeck tongued & grooved board joints.

As a rule of thumb a 1 litre bottle (as illustrated) should cover approx 20m2 depending on the board size, ensuring glue is always applied to the top and bottom of the t&g joint.

Isocheck Acoustic Hangers


Many systems designed for use on timber or concrete separating floors benefit from decoupling the ceiling and increasing the airspace beneath the supporting floor.

Where the floor to ceiling height allows Acoustic Hangers often provide the best performance when installed with an acoustic floor treatment.

Isocheck Acoustic Hangers

Isocheck Perimeter Flanking Band


Isocheck flanking bands act as anti-noise gaskets between floating floor systems and structural elements.

In this way, expansion is also catered for without the need for an air gap, where noise leakage may otherwise occur.

Isocheck perimeter flanking band

Isocheck Isoblock & Isobar System

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