Isocheck Barrier Mats

Airborne noise improvement systems for floors, walls & roofs
Isocheck weight-enhanced Barrier Mat acoustic flooring systems are primarily used to enhance airborne sound. Their low-frequency damping properties are frequently utilised to improve floors and walls that have been found to fall short of an airborne sound test.


Isocheck weight-enhanced Barrier Mat 5 (2 – 3mm) and Barrier Mat 10 (4 – 5mm) is constructed of high-density barium sulphate loaded thermoplastic polymer, plasticised with phthalate esters and containing mineral fillers. They are black (in colour), bitumen free, ecologically neutral and recyclable.

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Commonly used in timber floors, Isocheck Barrier Mats can be laid directly over existing floorboards, draped between joists in floors, sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard or draped within a studwork wall.


In roofs, Isocheck Barrier Mat 5 can be laid directly over a profiled metal deck in a flat roof or built up metal standing seam roofing.


(on the constructions illustrated)

Isocheck Barrier Mats contain a high performance material that has been acoustically tested at a UKAS certified independent test laboratory.

Tested and Rated according to:
BS EN ISO 717-1:2013
BS EN ISO 10140-1:2016
BS EN ISO 10140:2010

Overall size: Isocheck Barrier Mat 5
Isocheck Barrier Mat 10
1.2m x 2.0m  &  1.2m x 5.0m
1.2m x 2.0m
Thickness: Isocheck Barrier Mat 5
Isocheck Barrier Mat 10
2 – 3mm
4 – 5mm
Weight: Isocheck Barrier Mat 5
Isocheck Barrier Mat 10

Isocheck Barrier Mat (5 or 10), supplied by Isomass Ltd. Units 10 & 11, Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, CB23 4EY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Floors and walls

Barrier Mats can be loose laid, fixed using pins, hangers or banding. Alternatively, it can be bonded using an approved polyurethane-based contact adhesive or a solvent-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Two to three layers glued onto timber floors will dramatically reduce airborne noise penetrating the floor from below or airborne noise you are creating being transmitted from above.


Lay Barrier Mat directly over the steel deck, across the line of the profiles (as shown).
Overlap Barrier Mat by 50mm min. at joints.
Fit a polythene VCL between the Barrier mat and the insulation. A mechanically fastened single ply membrane should then be laid in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.
Installation instructions are available in conjunction with this information and/or information contained in the data sheet when laying the Isocheck Barrier Mat floor system.

Isocheck Barrier Mat in floor applications
  • timber floor finish.
  • Isocheck barrier Mat 5 or Mat 10.
  • over floorboards or draped between timber joists.
  • 200mm x 70mm timber joists @ 450mm centres.
  • 100mm 45kg/m3 insulation between joists (total ceiling mass 20kg/m2).
  • 25mm double boarded ceiling fixed to timber joists.
  • acoustic flanking band reduces impact vibration leaking via structural walls and assists in reducing airborne sound paths (on both constructions).
Isocheck Barrier Mat in wall applications
  • Isocheck Impact Mat 5, or Mat 10 in timber walls.
  • In timber walls the Barrier Mat can be sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard.

Isocheck Barrier Mats for floors and walls product data sheet

Isocheck Barrier Mats for roofs product data sheet


Isomass have a large number of products available as BIM Components on the Bimstore website. These are digital files which contains information about a real-world physical building component or material that is used in the construction process.


The BIM file for Isocheck Barrier Mats can either be downloaded directly from this page by clicking on the download button, or can be downloaded from the bimstore (link on the right), where other isomass products are also available and can be downloaded as a collection.

Note: all BIM Components are in the Revit (.rvt) file format.

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