Concrete Floor Systems

Isomass concrete floor systems


Isomass offers all types of acoustic floor systems for concrete floors ranging from Under screed, bonded soft floor coverings, to overlay boards, cradles and battens, which can readily meet all your acoustic flooring needs.

Our project-specific design service will offer ways to exceed the impact and airborne sound requirements for Part E of the building regulations (via Pre-Completion Testing or Robust Details) using our range of system within a given construction. Depending upon the application, we offer innovative acoustic products constructed from rubber and cork granulates, to crossed linked isopoli foam.
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E1 Material Change of use

(to comply with mandatory test)


Material change of use as defined within Part E states that there is a Material Change of Use where there is a change in the purpose for which, or the circumstances in which, a building is used. This includes a building that is now used as a dwelling, a building that now contains an apartment, a building which contains more or less dwellings than it did previously and buildings now containing rooms for residential purposes.


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New Build

(to comply with mandatory test or Robust Details)


New Build dwellings can be defined as buildings that have been purpose-built, where there was no previous construction. Pre-Completion On-Site (PCT) sound Testing can still be adopted for New Build developments, or we have the option of prescriptive constructions under approved Robust Standard Details.


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Noise / Absorption Issues & Refurbishment

(Commercial / Schools or Domestic) Testing optional


Domestic Noise Issues are relevant whatever area of your home you are trying to soundproof. Domestic soundproofing materials will increase the sound insulation of your home reducing sound generated by noisy neighbours through party walls and separating floors, as well as increasing the soundproofing between rooms in your own home.



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