Versatile Acoustic Wall Upgrade System For Airborne Sound Reduction

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 wall system

Airborne Sound Improvement System: for all types of existing domestic party walls

The Isocheck Re-Mat M20 system is designed to reduce airborne sound transmission through all types of existing domestic party walls with a minimal loss of room space.

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 consists of a 20mm layer of matting constructed from 97% recycled rubber (tyres).

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 will dampen and absorb the sound energy with its mass and rough composition.

Re-Mat M20 is ideal for use to upgrade an existing separating and partition walls that is found to perform poorly for airborne sound transmission.

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Re-Mat M20 is suitable for improving the sound insulation of walls, separating stairs and hallways - especially in situations where a minimal loss of space is essential. Re-Mat M20 could also be useful in some situations (and with the guidance of our technical team) to enhance a wall sufficient to comply with Part E of the building regulations.

(on the constructions illustrated)

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 will achieve 49dB ΔLw when part of a treated party wall.

Sheet size and thickness: 1m x 1m x 20mm
Colour: Black
Coverage per sheet: 1.0m2
Flammability: less than 100 mm/min (FMVSS 302)

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 system, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Full installation instructions for Isocheck Re-Mat M20 is available as a pdf to download. Go to the Downloads tab on this page.

Isocheck Re-Mat M20 installation instructions


Isocheck Re-Mat M20 product data sheet


Typical party wall upgrade

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