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Our acoustic products are designed to help you pass all-important sound tests

Isomass Ltd designs and supplies specialist acoustic materials to enable builders, developers and architects with solutions to effectively soundproof walls and floors while ensuring any adjoining properties are not disturbed by their activities.

Isomass are partners with NBS, which means you can find our products on NBS Source.

NBS Source is a free-to-use construction product platform that allows you to quickly and easily find, select and specify our products.
Boasting enhanced product data in NBS standardised specification format and a range of content, from case studies to third party certificates;
NBS Source gives you the detailed information you need to make informed product decisions.

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Architects, Surveyors and Designers

Who We Work With

Isomass Ltd works closely with architects, designers and surveyors to ensure impact and airborne sound regulations are adhered to as required by UK Building Regulations – talk to us today about what we can help you with.



Who We Work With

Isomass Ltd works closely with builders and developers; offering up our 50+ years of experience of acoustic systems and soundproofing services we can advise and supply your business with products designed to pass sound regulation tests.

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Property Owners

Who We Work With

We are also able to work with property owners who may be suffering from noisy neighbour syndrome – once our work gets finished, you won’t just hear the difference, you’ll feel it too!

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Product Information and Mission Statement

Isomass Ltd

Our domestic and acoustic flooring, acoustic wall and acoustic ceiling solutions are designed to control intrusive noise whether it is airborne sound from speech, televisions or impact noise from footsteps, banging or slamming doors. Isomass have a wide range of products to deal with these architectural and domestic sound problems.

All of our work gets done with the vision of helping your project go ahead smoothly without any push back due to failed sound tests – our goal is to ensure you receive building control approval.

  • Acoustics in Schools, Robust Details, Sound Insulation Testing and Approved Document E 2003/2004
  • Offering quality-engineered, British-made solutions
  • Isomass Ltd has over 40 years experience in building acoustics
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Our Products

Quality-engineered solutions to cover: Floating Acoustic Floors, Under screed solutions, Bonded soft floor coverings, Acoustic Battens, Acoustic Cradles and Resilient and Suspended acoustic ceilings.

Our Solutions

Whether it’s airborne sound from speech, televisions or impact noise from footfall, this type of noise pollution falls within Approved Document E of the Building Regulations in the protection of rooms for residential purposes.

Adhere to Regulations

All our designs exceed the requirements of the Building Regulations in England, Scotland and Wales, and embraces where relevant Robust Details, BB93 and Code for Sustainable Homes parameters.

Sectors we Cover

Isomass Ltd has a wealth of experience that extends over a variety of industries such as Acoustics in Schools, Robust Details, Sound Insulation Testing, Approved Document E 2003/2004: for New Builds and Conversions.

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