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Isomass was conceived with the sole purpose of offering a service that enhances the dialog between both consultant/architect and builder. We are frequently advising these key professionals during the project’s conception and value engineering practical ways to overcome sound proofing issues.

Our PI backed design service (which is in many cases free to our customers) is used in various markets such as converted offices and even listed buildings to domestic dwellings where it is now mandatory to party floor and walls to pass a sound test. It is also used in more commercial environments such as manufacturing, hospitals or even dentist/doctor’s surgery’s, to name but a few.

When considering the project/application you have elected to undertake, look at the performance data with caution. Decibel (dB) results are post fixed with numerous combinations of letters and to affect a meaningful comparison both the letters and the construction should be compared. If you are in any doubt consult an acoustic consultant or ask for a copy of the test report.

Isomass not only offers a comprehensive range of products we will give free guidance instruction on how to incorporate them. The following areas offer more information about the products that our experience has found to be the best suited to that application sector.

Improving the acoustic properties of an existing building

The UK has structures that date back over 800 years and vary from timber and steel frame to stone and brick/block. All of these building materials have advantages and disadvantages and there is not a one type fits all solution. So, whether you plan an underground cinema, a sound studio or simply do not want to hear the neighbour’s children running about or there tv/radio, contact us.

Complying with the current building regulations for sound insulation

As a longstanding nation of home owners who are continually looking for ways to add value to our properties. The last two decades has seen a big increase in conversions and new build multi storey development as the government tries to increase the density of dwelling per hectare.

Sound insulation between party floors and walls remains a priority and is legislated for in the form of Approved Document E of the building regulations (for conversion and new build) and Robust Details (exclusively for new build).

Improving the absorbs ion in restaurant’s/study/common areas and destressing environments

How many times have you attended a restaurant and could not hear someone talking across the table or heard your neighbours talking as the pass your apartment front door or you are unable to concentrate on your studies because the room is so reverberant you can hear a pin drop. Absorbs ion is what is required in these situations and is commonly supplied in the form of panels

Insulating to compensate for leisure activities

Whether you are building / renovating a gym or a new gun club or constructing a home cinema we all need to be mindful of the effect on the neighbours. There are numerous activities and facilities that are often located adjacent to people who do not want to participate. These people will often look to structural or environmental solutions, which is where Isomass Ltd fits in.

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