35mm & 70mm Deep Acoustic/Anti-Vibration Strap Hangers

Isocheck Acoustic Hangers

35mm or 70mm deep acoustic/anti-vibration strap hangers to allow decoupling of the ceiling and increasing the airspace beneath a timber or concrete separating floor.

Where the floor to ceiling height allows, Isocheck Acoustic Hangers often provide the best performance when installed with an acoustic floor treatment.

These Isocheck products are a direct alternative to GAH1 and GAH2 acoustic hangers.

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Resilient hangers used in conjunction with MF ceiling systems in timber and concrete floors.

Overall size: 35mm or 70mm long strap

Isocheck Acoustic Hanger, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Isocheck Acoustic Hangers product data sheet


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