Eco-friendly Soundproofing Solution For Concrete Floor Decks

Isocheck Re-Cork 3 and Re-Cork 5

Eco-friendly solution for the impact improvement of concrete floors

The isocheck Re-Cork 3 and Re-Cork 5 systems are designed to reduce impact sound transmission through concrete floor decks with a carpet flooring finish.

Re-Cork 3 is a 3mm underlay and Isocheck Re-Cork 5 is a 5mm underlay – both are 100% natural and sustainable products which are highly durable and have long-term resilience. As well as offering impact noise insulation, Re-Cork 3 & 5 underlays increase carpet durability and enhance walking comfort. Re-Cork 3 and Re-Cork 5 include all the characteristics of natural cork – it does not compact, it retains its insulating characteristics, does not absorb water, does not rot and resists condensation and mould.

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Re-Cork can used as a bonded soft floor covering over concrete subfloors, for conversions, refurbishments or new build. A heated floor system can also be installed beneath Re-Cork.

Re-Cork has been designed specifically for use beneath a carpet flooring finish.

Laboratory performance achieved 24dB ΔLw for Re-Cork 3 and 33dB ΔLw for Re-Cork 5.

Roll size:
Re-Cork 3
Re-Cork 5

1000mm x 10m x 3mm
1000mm x 10m x 5mm
Colour: Beige
Density: 170kg/m3 (± 10kg3)

Isocheck Re-Cork 3 or Re-Cork 5 system, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Bond Isocheck Re-Cork 3 or Re-Cork 5 over the entire level screed with all joints butted.

The Re-Cork systems is one of a number of acoustic floor solutions that could complement the requirement for underfloor heating.

Isocheck Re-Cork 3 and Re-Cork 5 product data sheet

  • Isocheck Re-Cork 3 or Re-Cork 5 bonded to structural sub-floor.
  • ≥300kg/m2 hollow core concrete planks with 80kg/m2 sand/cement screed or 40mm proprietary screed or
  • ≥300kg/m2 minimum structural beam and block floor with optional levelling screed.
  • 75mm void formed by metal frame suspended ceiling system and ≥10kg/m2 gypsum board ceiling or
  • 50 x 75mm timber battens.
  • ≥10kg/m2 gypsum board ceiling 75mm below underside of sub-floor supported by resilient bars at 400mm centres perpendicular to the battens.

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