Soundproofing & Acoustic Floor System: Direct To Floorboards

Isocheck RENOVO

Acoustic floor system: direct to floorboards with retained ceilings below

Isocheck RENOVO acoustic flooring system is designed to reduce impact sound transmission through traditional joisted timber floors where there is little or no access available to enhance the ceiling below for both sound insulation and additional fire protection.

Isocheck RENOVO consists of 8mm environmentally friendly Ecopoli resilient layer* bonded to 18mm p5 moisture resistant chipboard.

When installed as part of a complete party floor construction either system enables a traditional timber joisted floor to meet the sound transmission standards of Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2015.

Offering maximum environmental credentials whilst minimising structural change

Architects and builders alike are continually looking for suppliers that can innovate towards helping them to prove their green credentials without compromising on quality and performance.

Isomass Ltd is such a supplier with considerable practical knowledge in the field of building acoustics, underpinned by a mission to continually innovate.

With the increasing demand for building products to help safe guard the environment Isomass Ltd are pleased to offer a new acoustic overlay system that not only raises the bar with its environment credentials but delivers a performance that eclipses comparative systems when utilising a direct fixed ceiling such as existing lath & plaster.


Isocheck RENOVO’s resilient layer (ecopoli) contains 20% renewable vegetable based components compared to zero in traditionally manufactured petroleum-based foams, with the added benefit of using less fossil fuel components in its manufacture. A completely new catalyst enables castor oil to be employed in the production of low-emission polyols. With castor oil accounting for 30% of the polyol’s total weight it can contribute to yet another renewable recipe to help our environment.

Performance Benefits (ideal for listed buildings)

Isocheck RENOVO has been tested by the NHBC for use in conversion applications and comfortably meets the required performance standards as specified in Approved Document E 2003 without a proprietary resilient bar or MF suspended ceiling system. So now (in cases where the floor void is 200mm or above) it is not necessary to remove a direct fixed ceiling and the existing floor may be rebuilt as a working platform before Isocheck RENOVO is incorporated over the floorboards or chipboard. Making the Isocheck RENOVO system one of the last operations thus avoiding costly protection necessary on alternative direct to joist systems.

Castor seed is the source of castor oil, which has a wide variety of uses. The seeds contain between 20% and 90% oil that is rich in triglycerides, mainly ricinolein. Native to Africa, Asia and now naturalised throughout Australia, it is often abundant along watercourses and floodplains.

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To be used directly on timber floor boards for conversions and refurbishments in conjunction with direct fix ceilings (commonly found in listed buildings or projects where access to the ceiling is not easily accessible) as illustrated or approved by Isomass (on application to for our free acoustic detail design service).

Treated floor with:
Isocheck RENOVO on 18mm chipboard deck
R,w+ Ctr
DnT,w+ Ctr

Site results (in red) for Building Control approval.
Laboratory results (in blue) for comparison.

Overall size: 2400mm x 600mm x 26mm
Resilient layer thickness: 8mm
Resilient layer material: Ecopoli – produced from castor oil plant
Weight: 18.8kg per sheet

Isocheck RENOVO acoustic flooring system, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Full installation instructions for Isocheck RENOVO is available as a pdf to download. Go to the Downloads tab on this page.

Isocheck RENOVO Installation instructions


Isocheck RENOVO product data sheet

  • Isocheck RENOVO acoustic flooring.
  • floorboards.
  • 200mm x 70mm timber joists @ 450mm centres.
  • 100mm 45kg/m3 insulation between joists.
  • 25mm o/a double boarded ceiling or Lath & Plaster ceiling (min 20kg/m2) fixed to timber joists.
  • Note: Tested only with direct fixed ceilings.

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