Specialist Acoustic Floor System For Timber and Concrete Flooring UK

Isocheck Resmat 6

Underboard treatment to reduce sound transmission through traditional timber and concrete floors.

The isocheck Resmat 6 is a recycled eco friendly underboard treatment to reduce sound transmission through traditional timber and concrete floors.

Isocheck Resmat 6 consists of a 6mm layer of recycled rubber crumb. This light weight carrier is placed surface up to receive t&g 9mm, 18mm or 22mm chipboard, OSB, MDF or Plywood.

When installed as part of a complete sound reduction system, it enables a timber floor to meet the sound transmission regulations of Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2015.

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Isocheck Resmat 6 can used over concrete floors and existing floorboards for new build, refurbishments, conversions or listed buildings requiring minimal structural change with an Isoblock and Isobar ceiling system.

Treated floor with:

Resmat 6 + 22mm t&g floor
R,w+ Ctr

DnT,w+ Ctr



Resmat 6 + 18mm t&g floor 57dB 50dB 46dB 53dB
Resmat 6 + 9mm t&g floor 54dB 48dB 44dB 51dB

Site results (in red) for Building Control approval. Laboratory results (in blue) for comparison.

Overall roll size: 1.37m x 10.95m x 6mm
Resilient layer: 5mm recycled rubber crumb
Weight: 30kg per roll

Isocheck Resmat 6 system, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Apply Isocheck Acoustic Angled Flanking Band against the perimeter wall to ensure the board to follow is isolated from the wall.

Lay Isocheck Resmat 6 over a structural timber sub-floor. Roll the Resmat 6 out, stopping just short of the flanking strip and ensuring no lapped joints.

Apply the selected t&g flooring. Glue all joints with Isocheck or another appropriate adhesive.

Turn down the Flanking Band. Install the skirting and trim off excess Flanking Band.

A detailed (project specific) section drawing can be supplied FOC for additional guidance, upon receipt of the existing structural floor and adjacent wall details.

Isocheck Resmat 6 product data sheet

  • Isocheck Resmat 6 under t&g particle board panel.
  • Floorboards on min. 200mm x 70mm joists @ 450mm centres with min. 100mm 45kg/m3 insulation between joists.
  • Isoblock and Isobar system fitted to joists at max. 600mm centres and 150mm from edges.
  • Min. 20kg/m2 double boarded 25mm o/a plasterboard.

  • Isocheck Resmat 6 under t&g particle board panel.
  • ≥300kg/m2 hollow core concrete with 80kg/m2 sand/cement screed or 40mm screed.
  • min. 75mm void formed by metal frame suspended ceiling system with ≥10kg/m2 gypsum board ceiling.

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