The Isowave 23 Acoustic Soundproofing Solution for Walls

Isowave 23 Acoustic Wall System

Acoustic Wall System

Isowave 23 consists of a 10mm Isowave acoustic foam measured to BS 4443 and BS EN ISO 845:2009 bonded to 12.5mm high density, square edged fibre-reinforced gypsum board. Isowave 23 system incorporates acoustic foam which is semi rigid and is an excellent absorber with high damping characteristics when bonded to an acoustically reflective stiff surface. Isowave foam is manufactured using water as a blowing agent and is free of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs. Isowave 23 acoustic ceiling system complies with requirements of EU Regulation No 2037/2000 for ozone depletion and offers good thermal properties.

The Isowave 23 acoustic wall system is for the treatment of excessive flanking sound that bypasses a separating floor via lightweight structural walls. The Isowave 23 acoustic wall system is used to enhance a wall that is found to underperform or to provide a high performance wall commonly used in home cinemas/studios.

Also in situations where commercial activities adjoin a dwelling or for upgrading separating walls where ther is limited space. This is a versatile system used in refurbishments or new build with a decoupled ceiling as illustrated or otherwise approved by Isomass (on application to for our free acoustic detail design service).

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Reduces direct airborne sound transmission and unwanted flanking noise, in order to help where necessary to comply with Approved Document E 2003 and subsequent amendments in 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2015 (on the constructions illustrated).

Isowave performs under the following classifications:

Fire protection 30 minutes (for a single layer)

BS476-7 Fire Propagation Index <12

BS 476-6 Surface Spread of Flame Class 1

Building Regulations Paragraph A13 (b) Class O

Board size: 1197mm x 597mm x 22.5mm
Isowave foam thickness: 10mm
Weight: 17.3kg/m2
Board density: 1300kg/m3
Foam density: Less than 90kg/m3
Sound absorption: αw 0.26

Isocheck Isowave 23, supplied by Isomass Ltd. Unit 14 Papworth Business Park, Stirling Way, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire CB23 3GY and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Fix securely to all supports working from the centre of each board outward to the edges using the specified method of fixing at 250mm maximum centres with countersunk cross-slot screws 3.9 x 30mm positioned through a decoupling bar or metal frame. Position fixings not less than 20mm from board edges and 50mm from corners.

The heads of all fixings should be sunk into the surface of the board and stopped with joint filler.

The square edged cement particle board should be sealed with an intumescent sealant, joints to be a maximum 1mm wide. Any excess adhesive to be removed using a spatula once the adhesive has fully hardened.

A tapered edge plasterboard with all edges taped should then be fitted. Skim and lightly sand if required.

Where electric socket boxes and light switches are installed the back of the box should be encapsulated with acoustic putty pads.

Isocheck Isowave 23 for Walls product data sheet


  • 12.5mm tapered-edged plasterboard with all joints taped.
  • Isowave 23.
  • Isoblock & Isobar system bar fitted to brick / block wall construction at max. 600mm centres and 150mm from edges.

  • 12.5mm tapered-edged plasterboard with all joints taped.
  • Isowave 23 on timber or metal stud.
  • Air space between stud and brick / block wall construction.

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